It's all in the adventure!

It’s all in the adventure!

Christmastime…Happy Holidays!

To get you in the spirit of things!

christmass tree

christmas tree 

Nakusp excursion…

below halcyon hot springs

below halcyon hot springs

Dusting off our Alberta venture from a sweet family gathering into the glorious sun and hot springs of Nakusp,BC. Looking back yet prepping for many things ahead and Christmastime.

The Magnificent Grand Canyon at Dawn

frontal grand canyon

An especially saved image of my gallery from a winter vacation earlier this year. No yield signs here. So surreal, you naturally want to lay yourself down in the arms of this great beauty!

A saunter through lovely Las Vegas on New Years Eve

Losing Your Job Over The Holidays

Have you made additional plans regardless of gift buying or vacation bookings in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season yet lost your job in the midst of it all?  If so, this article may be the one for you!  Did your RSVP to the staff Christmas Party precede  your immediate departure? Perhaps the only saving grace is that you don’t need to take part in the staff bake-off for the 13 dozen cookie exchange too! Whew! Joking aside, don’t be too jolted by the contradiction of being ‘let go’.! Why? Because, losing your job can be quite a cathartic experience. Whether you were tugged or shoved into a dismissal for no apparent reason, you can, after much regurgitation, embrace this blessed season just the way you had when you were employed!

Here are some suggestions to overcome your devastation:

• If religious or spiritual, meditate and reflect on advent prayers.  Attend a Church Service/Mass and a parish function or two.  Participating in a community event, or volunteering with fundraisers for a worthy cause is most gratifying as this is about a season of giving!  Of course, don’t forget to drop off a few imperishable items along with useable clothes and toys to the Food Bank and/or Salvation Army where this is most essential for people less fortunate than  yourself.

• As for getting into more of the commercial spirit of Christmas, take a brisk walk throughout he Malls and Department Stores but try not to look too hard at any of the empty but stunning gift-wrapped packages in the window displays. Be careful not to spin into buy mode with all the special offers and gift ideas abound if it is going to hurt your purse strings. Another way, which might be safer is to take a brisk walk outside in the park or on the city streets. Alternatively, hop on a bus or in your car to find and gaze at all the dazzling colored Christmas lights at every store, home, skyscraper and enjoy!

• Traipsing through the countryside to the nearest Christmas Tree Farm is always an exciting family event when picking out your own tree.  Many places are most equipped with horseback riding and sleigh rides or a cup of cocoa and mulled wine to add warmth to the traditional experience. Some local farms have bonfires ready to roast your hot dogs and marshmallows, not limited to summer camping.  Unlike city parks, botanical gardens and the downtown area that you may visit, you’ll find that some folks in the countryside offer roasted chestnuts harvested from their own back yard. Roasted chestnuts always makes a comforting Christmas/Holiday snack. I’m moving on before I break into song,”Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”…!

• Don’t forget to rediscover any winter sports either indoor and, especially, outdoor. Whether you skate, ski or snow board, there’s nothing like the fresh crisp outdoors with the scent of evergreen abound to enjoy your favorite sport. Take in the winter wonderland of snow, if there is any, and embrace the peacefulness of nature.


As you can see there is a variety of ways to stay above any doom and gloom as to uplift your spirits and restore your faith regardless of any losses no matter the number or how unheard of they are.  Should you continue to stew over the end of your employment, be reminded without sounding cliché that, “Once a door is closed another one opens”. Just breathe and relax then regroup during this festive season and invite the New Year entrusting a great new beginning is in store for everyone!


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The Man I Love

The most Goldilocks experience I had was over 14 years ago when I met the love of my life … Mr. “just right”!Image

Hello world!


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